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About Us

The Neurotox Laboratory is an interdisciplinary research facility led by Prof Donald Wlodkowic and focused on ecotoxicity and neurotoxicity testing. The lab specialises also in R&D of innovative behavioural, embryonal and cell-based proxy bioassays in environmental risk assessment as well as drug discovery.

Our current research activities encompass aquatic ecotoxicology, behavioural ecotoxicology, predictive neurotoxicology and water quality assessment including real-time, early-warning biomonitoring systems.

We are Australia’s leading experts in experimental behavioural eco-neurotoxicology with interests spanning effects of industrial pollutants, neurotoxins and neuroactive drugs on central nervous systems.

We have significant know-how in development and implementation of rapid and sensitive phenotypic biotests as well as cellular and molecular bioassays in:


  • environmental risk assessment
  • characterization of new chemicals
  • water quality sensing
  • neuroactive drug discovery


We are uniquely specialising in behavioural ecotoxicology, neurotoxicology as well as neuroactive drug discovery.


Leveraging latest fluidic, bioimaging and computing technologies for development of high-throughput neuro-behavioural bioassays.


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