Professor Donald Wlodkowic

Head of The Neurotox Lab

Donald is a Professor in Cell Biology and Toxicology at the School of Science, RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia


Curriculum Vitae

He is one of Australia’s leading experts in behavioural ecotoxicology and eco-neurotoxicology with interests spanning effects of industrial pollutants on nervous systems and neuro-development.

His interdisciplinary know-how cuts across several disciplines including ecotoxicology, neurotoxicology, cell biology and animal physiology.

Donald has an outstanding international reputation as an innovator in biomicrofluidic technologies for ecotoxicology research on small aquatic model organisms as well as digital methods to analyse aquatic animal behaviour. His laboratory has pioneered a multitude of innovative techniques for high-throughput analysis of aquatic animal behaviour.

He has an extensive international expertise in establishing and growing industry collaborative partnerships, strategic research infrastructures as well as leading diverse, multidisciplinary research teams in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.