Research into how pollutants impact animal behaviour, neuro-development as well as neurobiological foundations of animal behaviour.

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Neuro-behavioural bioassays

State-of-the-art capabilities for high-throughput behavioural assays on small aquatic model organisms

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Aquatic Ecotoxicity Testing

A wide range of toxicity biotests from cell-based bioassays, standard aquatic model organisms to transgenic zebrafish.

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Pioneering Methods & Techniques

 Development and applications of advanced chemo-behavioural test strategies, molecular and non-invasive electro-physiology methods in neurotoxicology.

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Specialising in high-throughput neuro-behavioural and multiparameter cell-based bioassays in neurotoxicology, ecotoxicology, environmental risk assessment and drug discovery.

The Neurotox Laboratory

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Aquatic ecotoxicology 

Behavioural ecotoxicology


Discovery of neuroactive and neuromodulating chemicals

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Rapid aquatic ecotoxicity and neurotoxicity testing in chemical risk assessment.

High-throughput neuro-behavioural bioassays  and computer analytics of animal behaviour.

Flow and imaging cytometry bioassays in chemical risk assessment & drug discovery.

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Biomicrofluidic systems for small aquatic model organisms

High-throughput video-based analysis of aquatic animal behaviours

Development of behavioural and cell-based bioassays.

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